About Me

Hi, I’m Nick!

I grew up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne with my parents and three siblings. During school, my folks took us around Australia and there, my love of travel was firmly established. Since then, I’ve been to over 50 countries with countless more (hopefully) on the way. I don’t travel to tick things off a list, but because it truly makes me happy while I’m doing it.

I lived in Melbourne for most of my life, did my undergraduate and graduate studies there, but after my PhD I figured I deserved a break and took 4 months off to chill out with my friends in Asia before flying to Africa and working my way from Rwanda, right through to South Africa. Africa changed my life and I firmly believe it is the most incredible place you will ever visit. But, there’s far more to the world and I want to share my impressions of everywhere I’ve been with you.

During my Africa trip I managed to score a job in Germany and it’s here that I’ve been for the past three years. During the day, I’m a scientific researcher and working on neglected tropical diseases remains a passion of mine. But in Germany, we get six(!) weeks holidays a year and I use every last one of them, every year. My travel style changes depending on where I’m going and who I’m going with. I do budget, I do luxury and sometimes, I like to mix it up!

So follow me on my adventures, laugh along and comment when you like! If that’s not enough, then I’d also love to hear from you at forgingfootprints [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks for reading!



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